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Cedarwood is a wealth management practice dedicated to providing you with investment advice and advanced financial strategies that can help you reach your goals.

We were born out of a humble desire to serve those that want help with their finances and more.

We were inspired by the protective quality of cedar—it’s what our families used to store their treasures across the ages. It’s sturdy, protective, and it does it all with grace.

Know. Serve. Live.
Our motto. Our mantra.

We’re here for every step as you seek to grow and protect your wealth.



We'll learn about who you are and understand your priorities.



Then we’ll help you take care of them, walking you through your decisions.



And as we serve, we work alongside you, planning and celebrating your wins together.

Our Story​ 

Have you ever been a part of something that felt like family?

You felt known, appreciated and understood. Trust existed. Encouragement was given. Experiences were shared. Maybe this group was a sports team, maybe it was your coworkers or maybe just a group of friends in the same phase of life. Cedarwood desires to be that ‘family’.

What’s next in your story?

We want to help it take shape.


I’m focused on retirement.

Save and invest. Time it well. Enjoy it.


I’m seeking peace of mind.

Get your assets organized. Plan for your family and future.


I want to pass my wealth on.

Cover your estate planning needs and define your legacy.


I want to save on taxes.

Get strategic. Funnel those resources towards your goals.

Personal Services 

Business Services 

Your Financial Concierge

We look forward to serving.

Meet Our Team 

Partnership Opportunities


Todd Vincent

Managing Partner / Financial Planner



Dylan Ripley

Managing Partner / Financial Planner